How to Katch
Triaging a Katch request
We believe in most cases, your brain can instantly prioritise meetings given the context of who it came from and the topic. Each batch has a dedicated swipe gesture.

Just swipe right on the card to prioritize the Katch card to a batch.

No suggesting times, no executive assistant, no calendar. It's actually therapeutic (and mildly fun) to triage.
Sending a Katch
A Katch functions as a meeting invite with an agenda.

You can send a Katch and place it in one of your batches. The recipient also gets the batch and prioritize it into a batch or reject it.
You have three categories we call 'batches'.
Use cases
You can tap your beacon from your homescreen to become free for all batches, or become free for a specific batch.

To be available for a specific batch, go into that batch and press the "K" to activate your availability just for that batch.

Once free, you see matches in your Work, Play, and Urgent batches.
Becoming free
Tip: You can touch and hold on to your Work and Play batches to become Free or Busy for that specific batch.
Inbox: All your new incoming Katch requests is stored here. A counter shows how many requests are currently in your inbox awaiting your attention.

Send: This is where you can send someone in your contacts list a request to connect.
This is where all your 1:1 business meetings you want/need to have go (both internal and external to your company).

Friends, family, or anything that just doesn't feel like work, which could even be "work adjacent" like mentoring, charities, etc.

That rare but special call you'd politely step away from lunch or another meeting to take because it's so pressing.

Use Katch to work efficiently within your company or across multiple organizations. Get in touch quickly with those who matter to get things done.
Katch at work
It's easy to connect with those halfway around the world. Katch works great by connecting you with those across different time zones.
Katch across time zones
Katch is great for getting in touch with friends and family for casual conversation. Connect with your loved ones when you want, wherever they are.
Katch with friends

Katch helps you find time to connect with the right people, at the right time, for you and for them.

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Here are some of the questions you might have about Katch.
How do I add contacts on Katch?
To add a contact to Katch, you must first add their mobile phone number to your contacts list. If they are currently not on the Katch app, you can invite them by going to your Profile and selecting "Invites".
What is the Katch Beacon?
The Katch Beacon is how you signal to others in your contacts that you are free. When you make yourself available with the Katch Beacon, other Katchers who have prioritized a Katch can see you are available and can connect with you on a call.
How does availability work?
Availability is an integral part of the Katch experience. Katch uses what is known as a Beacon to signal your availability.

When you make yourself available, you are "Free" to take incoming calls. If you turn off you're availability, you are considered "Busy" and you can connect with others the next time you become available.

You can also be available only for a certain batch. Just go into the batch, and activate your Katch Beacon.
Do I need contacts on my device to use Katch?
Yes. Currently, Katch connects you with only those who are in your contacts list with mobile phone numbers.
Can I send multiple Katch requests to the same recipient?
Yes. You can send a contact multiple Katch requests. However, we recommend that Katch request topics be concise but specific enough to have a quick conversation about when you both are available.
How do I use my inbox?
Your inbox is where all of your incoming Katch requests will be stored. The counter at the bottom of your screen tells you how many Katch requests you have received that needs to be triaged.

You can go through each of your Katch requests by swiping left and placing them into a batch you feel is appropriate for that specific topic. When you and a contact are free, you both can get on a call about that topic.
What is the Urgent batch and how do I use it?
We understand that life happens and that sometimes, there is an emergency. The Urgent batch is for those Katch requests that you feel needs immediate attention.

You'll notice that your Beacon indicates that you are Free when you go into your Urgent batch even though you are not Free in other batches. This is to make sure you and your recipient can get on a call quickly about a topic in those time-sensitive moments.

You can send an Urgent Katch request to signal to your recipient of some immediate issue. You can, likewise, receive an Urgent Katch request from someone and can get on a call immediately.
Does a Katch need to be in the same batch for a call?
No. Katch calls happen based on availability and not based on batches. Batches are personal to you so feel free to place Katch requests in any batch that works for your priority at that time. What you consider appriopriate for "Work" might be more appropriate as "Play" for someone else and that is totally okay!
How do I delete Katch requests from my batches?
You can easily delete Katch requests by swiping right on the card and pressing the 'Delete' icon.

Note: This will permanently delete your Katch from your batches and cannot be undone.
Do you have a web-based app?
Unfortunately, we currently do not have a web-based app for Katch.
Do you have Katch for Android?
We are currently hard at work developing for iOS but an Android version of Katch is coming soon. Stay tuned!
How do I get in touch to give feedback or report a bug?
If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to report a bug, we'd love to hear from you. We are always looking to make your experience better here at Katch. You can contact us via email here.

You can also get in touch with us by joining our community on Slack at

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Known issues
We're a small team, so bear with us! We love connecting with our users, hearing your ideas, and solving issues that come up to make Katch better for everyone.
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